Product Design Department is an experience laboratory in which how human needs are met with furniture and products are studied. With the development of post-industrial design field, it is accepted that the human needs needs to be researched more deeply apart from their old meanings. It is understood in these researches that products’ emotional, intellectual, psychologic and social effects are also important apart from their function. Experimental design ideas come up with new meaning with the integration of craft, fine arts, architecture and social sciences fields. Although the basic human need is same for everyone while the users of design increases, it is obvious that aesthetical and lexical differences which cannot be solved with mass design should be produced with a new schematic understanding. As a result, artists and designers are the ones who must understand what kind of a new schematic point of view is needed for this changing user structure, idea, lifestyle and industry. For this reason, it is inevitable that designers create their own languages by understanding the change of world.


Ders Course Credits
Ürün Tasarımı Stüdyosu I Product Design Studio I 3
Ürün Tasarımı Stüdyosu II Product Design Studio II 3
Ürün Tasarımı Stüdyosu III Product Design Studio III 3
Tez Araştırmaları I Thesis Research I 3
Tez Araştırmaları II Thesis Research II 3



Ders Course Credits
Tasarım Teorisi Design Theory 2
Kültürel Tasarım Tarihi Cultural Design History 2
Form Geliştirme I Form Development I 2
Form Geliştirme II Form Development II 2
Rendering Rendering 2
Temel 3D Modelleme I Basic 3D Modeling I 2
Temel 3D Modelleme II Basic 3D Modeling II 2
Tasarım ve Teknoloji Design & Technology 2
Temel Maket Yapımı I Basic Mockup I 2
Temel Maket Yapımı II Basic Mockup II 2
Temel Tasarım Basic Design 2
Dijital Fotoğrafçılık Digital Photography 2
İnsan Faktörü Human Factors 3
Ürün Konsept Geliştirme Product Concept Development 3
İleri Düzey 3D Modelleme I Advanced 3D Modeling I 2
İleri Düzey 3D Modelleme II Advanced 3D Modeling II 2
Sergileme ve Stand Tasarımı Display & Exhibition Design 3
Dış Mekan Ürünleri ve Mobilya Tasarımı Outdoor Product & Furniture Design 3
Moda Ürünleri Tasarımı Fashion Product Design 3


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